Kargil located in the Ladakh region 220 km from the Srinagar & 240 km from Leh city in on the way of Srinagar to Leh in Kargil there is the majority of Shia Muslims & 10 percent Sufi Muslims 5 % Buddhist. this is a town & district in this district there are best places like Drass Zanaskar Valley & other places.
you can buy dry fruits & other Ladakh products in the town. & these places are famous for trekking & rafting you can go trekking to Zanskar Valley also do rafting in Indus & Zanskar River. you will take night stay at Camps also there are best standard hotels where you can take Night to stay. in Kargil & Drass you will explore the Beauty of Kashmir & Ladakh.

Top 3 Places to Visit In Kargil

tourism in Kargil Kashmir there is not so many places where you can go but some places in Kargil are the best for tourism where you can take sightseen and night stay
Zanskar Valley
Zanskar Valley is first poplar places 200 km from Kargil its famous for Trekking camping & rafting you can come in the month of June till august and explore the Valley and do nigh stay in Camps
Drass Located 90 km from Kargil town 7 130 km from the Srinagar is famous for natural beauty & also you can go Drass war memorial. Located in Dras village, this war memorial is built of pink sandstone and has an epitaph dedicated to the valiant soldiers.
Mulbekh Monastery
Mulbekh Monastery is a famous buddies monastery 40 km from Kargil town 7 one the way of Srinagar Leh highway is believed that the idol dates back to the 8th century but another school of thought believes it to have been built in Kushan’s period.

Top Travel Activities 

in Kargil, if you will take 2 night stays so you can explore the best travel adventure activities also if you will come from Kashmir so you can book Kashmir trip to Leh
River Rafting
you can do river rafting in Indu River in main town Kargil also in Zanskar River in Zanskar Valley
it’s famous for trekking you can book 4 night in Kargil and go to Mulbekh & Zanskar Valley for Trekking
you can buy Ladakh products in the main town like Dry fruits and other products

How Can you reach 

you can come only in the month of May till august there are two ways to reach first if via Leh you can come by Leh its 240 km from Leh city, and 2nd is from Srinagar you can come from Srinagar to Leh by road.
also, you can come from Jammu to Srinagar to Kargil, you should to Book Jammu Kashmir tour if you want to come from Jammu by train 

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