Srinagar City

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Srinagar which means the City of Wealth its the largest city in Kashmir Valley & also summer Capital of the Unionteriotry Jammu & Kashmir, & winter capital is Jammu City. the city is based on Banks of River Jhelum Srinagar is also known the City of Lakes because there is famous lake Dal Lake Nigeen Lake Jhelum & Anchar, Khushal Sar, Gil Sar follows north Srinagar.
you can come by road from Jammu to Srinagar & by air, there is International Airport 11 km from the City it’s a romantic city where you can come & explore local foods there are best restaurants. you can book Srinagar trip 3 night so that you can visit Local Mughal Gardens Nishat Bagh Shalimar Bahgm Harwan Bagh. you can visit Temples & Muslim shrines if are you Honeymoon Couple you can take Night stay in Houseboat also do Shikara Ride in Nigeen Lake or Dal Lake.
In this city, you can visit Main town Lalchowk or Dal Gate where you can do Shopping & buy Kashmir Pashmina Fruits & Shawls

top 4 Places to Visit in Srinagar

In Srinagar city, the city is covered by local tourist gardens & lakes you can come to Kashmir & take night sat in this city so that you can visit all the places that you like.

Dal Lake & Nigeen Lake

Dal Lake is the famous Lake in the city 3 km from the main city in this lake you can take night stay in Houseboats and also take Shikara ride the lakes are based Zabarvan Mountains you can take Shikara to ride 7 explore all the lake by boat.
Nigeen Lake is 7 km from the main City located in Downtown Srinagar there is also Houseboat where you can do Night stay.

Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Bagh means Garden its 14 km from the city based on banks of Dal Lakes you can visit Shalimar Bagh & explore waterfronts Chinar Tress and much more

Nishat Bagh

Nishat Bagh is poplar Mughal Garden located 10 km from the city-based in Banks of Dal Lake & Zaberwan Montcains its poplar Garden built by Mughal Empire, you can go Nishat Garden & take Shopping also visit inside where you cab see waterfronts flower gardens, etc

Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal is also Mughal Garden or you can say Mughal Palace Pari means Palace of Faries located 6 km from the city in Hariparbat Mountains you can explore whole Dal Lake

Poplar Travel Activities 

when you will book Kashmir Tour so that you should Know travel activities that you will do in Srinagar city of your local trip we have mentioned some popular travel activities

Shikara Ride In Dal Lake or Nigeen Lake

Yes you can do Only in Srinagar Shikara ride means Boat ride this is poplar ride that everyone loves to do in Dal Lake or also you can do this in Nigeen Lake

Shopping in the city

the city is famous for Shopping where you can buy Kashmir Handicrafts Shalwas Dry Fruits & Pasmenai etc in Dal Gate or Nishat Garden


you can catch fish in Dal Lake or also in Nigeen Lake if you like but you need to get permission first

How can you reach 

you can reach By road from Jammu city so you can book Volvo bus from Delhi to Jammu or Chandighar to Jammu or you can book a train to Jammu Railway station. after reaching Jammu book local Sharing cab to Srinagar 360 km
Visit By air – there is Internation Airport so you can book flight tickets to SXR Airport

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