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Pahalgam is a hill station located south Kashmir District Anantnag its 30 km from the Anantnag & 87 km from the Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir union territory. a lush green me dose & waterfalls attract 1000 of travelers every year. Pahalgam is also a sub-district & famous town in Kashmir. you can come by air from the Srinagar & by road from the Jammu its only 240 km from the Jammu City Via Patni Top. In Pahalgam Valley, you can explore local Parks & Best travel attractions such as Betab Valley Chandinwari & famous Kolhoi Glacier located 30 km from the town via Aru Village.

It is also a Religious Places there is a famous Cave name Amarnath Cave 7 every year 1000 Hindu Travelers come to Amarnath for Darshan. you can also book Kashmir tour if you want to do Amarnath Darshan, also explore Sonmarg & Gulmarg.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Pahalgam

Tourism in Pahalgam, a beautiful place in India when you will visit this Valley you will realize like you are in heaven there is not only small parks also the best travel attraction where you can go and take a new experience on your trip. you can take horse riding, river rafting & trekking in Pahalgam but we have added some popular places check and add these in your tour itinerary.


Chandinwar is first poplar tourist destination in Pahalgam its 116 km from the town you can go by horse or by cab and explore the waterfalls flower gardens 7 much more in Chandinwar

Betab Valley

Betab Valley, Betab is a Bollywood picture shout in this valley, it’s one the way of Chandinwari in Betab Valley you can
explore Lush green mountains & lakes also you do fishing you like

Kolhoi Glacier

Kolhoi Glacier is a poplar snow Glacier in Kashmir Pahalgam its 30 km fro the Pahalgam town located a small village Aru Valley you can go there by trek

Poplar Travel Activities 

you can do the best travel activities when you will reach, also our diver will guide you & suggest you the best travel activities but we have shared some poplar activities that every one like to do


if you like to catch fish so you can do in Pahalgam in Lidder rives

Horse riding

you can do horse riding you can book horse 7 go to local parks also Betab Valley &  Chandinwari by horse


you can book a local guide in Pahalgam 7 he will guide you how to do river rafting in  Lidder river

How can you reach Pahalgam

you can reach by air you can book a flight to Srinagar Airport & after reach Srinagar you can book a local cab or our company provides you a cab to Pahalgam. also, you can come by road from Jammu, in this case, you can book a train ticket to Jammu railway station after reach Jammu book a cab in taxi stand to Pahalgam. if you will come with us we offer you Jammu Kashmir trip on this trip you will come by road

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