Culture Of Kashmir

Every country and state has a deferent culture and  Jammu and Kashmir state of India  has a best culture this culture has played an best role in across the country and also all over the world. is also know a s Kashmir yet , like lifestyle in Kashmir, Kashmir  language, religions in Kashmir, handicrafts arts, and crafts, Kashmir music and also dance, Kashmir is an best travel destination.  You can Enjoy and feel best experience the Kashmir rich cultural Kashmir is also known as ‘Paradise on this earth’

The state of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh  state is divided into three regions first is jammu, 2nd is Kashmir and 3rd is Ladakh and every region lik Kashmir jammu and Ladakh having its own traditions and best customs.kashmir is a Muslim region and jammu is a Hindu region and Ladakh is Buddhism

Dance Style in Ladakh

Dressing In Jammu And Kashmri

The colorful and unique dresses of  the Kashmir and Ladakh people are very attractive. The majority of Kashmir and Ladakh population wear own traditional dressing clothes. =in the  winters they wear a kind overcoat in Kashmir language called his Pheran. It is basically over like a kurta.

Dance In Kashmir Style

Language in jammu and kashmir

The main languages of Jammu Kashmir  and Ladakh is Urdu. And The other languages and own spoken here are like Kashmir has Kashmiri, Ladakh has Ladakhi and jammu has  Dogri.

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